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Shelly Cavanna

Shelley Cavanna

Shelley Cavanna is a quilt and textile designer, teacher, and author from Sacramento, CA.  Author of Spectacular Stars Simplified, she has a passion for intricate, mosaic-inspired quilts.  She loves creating designs with layer-upon-layer of elements that weave in out and out of one another creating a sense of depth and movement in her designs.  Her favorite kind of quilts to make can be viewed not only as a collection of beautiful blocks, but also as large-scale, cohesive pieces of art!

Her quilts and fabric collections flirt with both the traditional, contemporary, and modern quilting genres, and she makes it her mission to turn these exquisite designs into approachable patterns for quilts of all styles and skill-levels, living up to her design mantra, “Stunning quilts made simple.” 

Visit her website at for projects, fabric collections, and design inspiration!  Follow her on social media @CorasQuilts.