Selim Bernadete – Founder

Selim Benardete

Selim Benardete -affectionately a.k.a. Mr. B, was the Founder and President Emeritus of Benartex. Textiles have always been part of his life, as his father owned a textile business in Turkey. As a young man, Mr. Benardete came to the United States and received a Master’s Degree in Textile Engineering. He has been in the industry until his retirement in 2003.
Benartex was founded in 1980, originally selling specialty fabrics. However, after visiting some quilt shows, Mr. B “fell in love with quilting,” and eventually changed the Benartex focus to 100% cotton quilting fabrics. The rest is history, as Benartex soon became a name associated with fine quilting fabrics. Mr. Benardete commitment to the quilting world, his attendance at quilt shows and his availability to quilters earned him the name “The Quilter’s Friend.” His vision and determination to provide the very best fabrics has made Benartex the number one choice for quilters.