Where are the Wandering Gnomes?


Meet (from left to right) Gnorman, Gnatasha, Gnarcissa, Gnomie Tut, Gniles, Gnutmeg, Gnash, Gnorbert, Gnicholas and Gnaomi


These ten adorable gnomes from Andi Metz collections have escaped Gnomeland during summer break and they are exploring the US. However, sometimes they feel nostalgia of their homeland, so they sneak into a fabric store that carries Andi’s Gnome lines to meet with their friends and families in Gnomeland.

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Follow their sightings on the map below, you never know, your local store might be next!




Wandering gnome winner #1Gnaomi was found on May 21st at the Sewing Quilt Box in Somerset (PA). Congratulations to Judy A. from Holsopple!







Gnorbert has been found on June 9th at the Quilt Cottage in Hays (KS)!

Check out that gnome tattoo! ?Gnorbert one of Andi Metz's Christmas gnomes has been found