Nicole DeCamp

Nicole DeCamp started her career as a graphic designer in the advertising industry where she spent 7 years creating websites and print related materials for large, nationally recognized clients. However, as an experienced artist as well, she missed drawing and painting.

“I have always been an artist. It’s really who I am and what I am passionate about. I’m inspired by my surroundings, my friends, my family, nature, and everyday life. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Here is Nicole’s take on 2023 fabric design trends, inspiration, and the events she’s looking forward to.

Color of the year 

Viva Magenta…What comes to mind when I hear the name of the Pantone color of the year for 2023? I usually take the nominated color with a grain of salt each year, as I’m the type of designer who doesn’t like to be locked into what colors I “should” be using. However, I’m so excited to see bold and intense colors make a comeback to everything from fashion, tableware, home decor and everything in between. With that said, Viva Magenta is a beautiful shade that I think I will be finding a use for in my future creative works. To me it evokes strength, being bold with maybe a bit of flamboyance, holding power, and romantic passion. It’s definitely a color that speaks to me personally.

Trendy Fabric print

I’m totally in love with Liberty-style prints at the moment and I am really glad they are emerging again and having their moment right now. I hope to incorporate some into my upcoming collections in the future.

New sewing tool you must have 

I’ve been hearing a lot about flathead pins lately and I’ve thought to myself what a genius idea! As a newbie to the sewing industry, I’m not sure this is a new tool concept, but I have been wondering lately where flat head pins have been all my life.

Skill you’d like to learn/improve this year.

Since I’m new to the sewing world but come from a long line of sewers and quilters, I’d love to find some time to learn how to embroider and lay out a proper quilt.

Inspiration for 2023

I will continue to pull inspiration from my past experiences and relationships with family. They are a big influence in my work and will continue to be. I feel my love and passion for vintage will continue to find its way into my work where it makes sense to use it. I hope to continue watching for emerging design trends that are making their way to retail right now. There is some fun subject matter returning and heading our way like using more bold, dramatic colors and art deco that I’m excited about exploring.

Event you look forward to in 2023 

 I think the highlight of my year will be of course debuting 7 fabric collections with Benartex in 2023. It’s such an exciting time! I am looking forward to seeing what I call my “fabric children” (fabric designs) make their way to stores for people to use and enjoy. I also can’t wait to meet and connect with more people in the sewing industry as well as possibly attend my first quilt markets.