We hope you managed to get a glimpse of all the exciting designs that are available for all your future project in the store near you. When you see a collection that you love, please mention it to your local quilt shop – they can order it through their Benartex sales rep or create an account with us to order directly online.


But that’s not all! We are introducing new collections all the time. So stay tuned and follow Benartex on social media to see all the new arrivals!

Catch All The Sessions from Virtual Fabric Show Spring 2024

Virtual Fabric Show Spring 2024 Session 1
Virtual Fabric Show Spring 2024 Session 2
Virtual Fabric Show Spring 2024 Session 3
Virtual Fabric Show Spring 2024 Session 4

What People Are Saying

“Seeing the various designers helped me to kind of figure out what I want to explore in my quilting journey.”

— Joanne B.

“I LOVE behind the scenes glimpses of how your company functions.!”

— Melissa M.

“Thank You. I did watch all three videos. I enjoyed all three. The fabrics were all Beautiful!!”

— Barb B.

“I really enjoyed this show and am looking forward to the next one!  I’ve noted some fabric lines I’m going to watch for at the quilting shop. Thank you so much for producing this event!”

— Sharon C.

“I enjoyed each presentation with the new fabrics and patterns. Tough to wait for them to come out in fall!! I enjoyed that the designers visited and told me about their methods of design.
I would encourage quilt shops to play these designer videos.”

— Becky G.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the new fabric designs on the zoom event!  Can’t wait to find the fabrics in stores and get to work!!”

— David B.