Christa Watson

Christa Watson is the author of many books on domestic machine quilting. She loves to teach others how fun it is to make a complete quilt from start to finish!

Here is Christa’s take on 2023 fabric design trends, inspiration, and the events she’s looking forward to.

My thoughts on color of the year for 2023

Pantone’s color of the year is Viva Magenta. I believe that will be a strong color in 2023. However, I also see the possibility of softer shades of this hue, perhaps with lighter pink undertones. Although quilters are still drawn to bold bright colors (I know I am!) I’m seeing more muted palettes crop up and I think they’ll be combined with the brighter colors to soften things up a little.

Trendy Fabric print

I’m all about geometrics when it comes to designing my collections. Although florals will always be popular, mixing them with more abstract designs in the same quilt can provide an interesting contrast that makes the project sparkle. I enjoy including geometric designs in my collections that represent an element of nature, such as my “Sunny Day” print in my current Stitchy fabric line.

New Sewing Tool

I just released a line of Christa Quilts branded notions (in collaboration with Brewer Distributors). They include my machine quilting gloves – a must-have for those who prefer to finish their quilts on a domestic machine. The soft, comfortable gloves feature grippy dots at the fingertips which help grip the quilt as it moves under the machine. This saves wear and tear on your hand which makes for a more pleasant quilting experience all around!

Christa Quilts sewing gloves

Improving my skillset

In 2023 I look forward to improving my technical knowledge with the Adobe suite of programs. I currently start every fabric design as a hand-drawn sketch on paper. But I’d like to speed up the process by knowing how to begin (and end) each design on the computer. So, 2023 will be a year of learning Adobe Illustrator and In Design. I can’t wait to dive in!

Fun things ahead in 2023

Each year I enjoy attending QuiltCon, the largest modern quilting show & conference in the world. I’ve participated in every single show from its inception in 2013 and I’ve taken on different roles each time. Sometimes I take classes as a student; other times I share my quilting knowledge as an instructor and lecturer. I’ve also been a volunteer which is extremely rewarding. For the show taking place in Atlanta (Feb 23-26, 2023) I’m trying something new: I rented out a vendor booth on the show floor, so I hang out and chat with folks all weekend. I’m really looking forward to that!


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