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Marta Cortese

Marta Cortese

Marta Cortese lives and works in Turin, Italy; she was born and raised in Asti, in the middle of the Monferrato hills.

An architect by training, she chose to follow her attitude towards a creative profession, in which she can freely express herself: Marta began to explore the world of visual communication, exploring typography, calligraphy, illustration, and finding the best way to express and combine her great creative imagination with her innate aesthetic taste.

Since 2015 Marta has been working as a professional textile designer, in 2017 she co-founded nerodiseppia studio, no longer active; from 2020 she has chosen to continue operating as an independent designer, signing the designs she creates and offering her clients custom services.

In parallel with her work, Marta loves to devote herself to experimental calligraphy, a variant that approaches the pure sign, up to the complete abstraction of the letter; she further elaborates her calligraphic tables through folds, cuts and binding, and transforms them into book-sculptures that can be opened and discovered in many different ways, letting oneself be carried by the creative flow.

This practice allows her to experiment with a manual technique capable of giving her a great creative drive, which she then transfers into her daily work.